Die Mongolei in ihrer Wahrnehmung in Österreich

: Herausgegeben von Franz Greif
: Österreichisch-Mongolische Gesellschaft „OTSCHIR“
: 1
: Austria
: Jun-2021
: German
: --
: 1189 * 1701
: 64

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Hermann Maurer – Jul 14 2021 06:22 PM

This book is not just interesting because of contents: It is also technically interesting by showing how future conference proceedings should look like: 

A book presenting aims and other introducotry issues, with abstracts of  contributions, once contributions are accepted. And later, when full versions are available athe confernce or even later, they are attached as separate documents, so when feedback is sent, or questions  are asked or discussion are taking place the author of the final contribution is contacted, not justthe editor of the conference proceedings, thus assuring that experts will answer!