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Hermann Maurer – Sep 24 2020 12:43 PM

The size of this booklet (14 pages) is deceiving: it contains links to many manuals and books: if one follows them one ends up reading hundreds of pages and viewing many more pictures than one expects. The title is a bit deceiving: It really is a a book on TESLA, both the inventor/engineer who emigrated from Europe to the USA and fought for alternating current against the direct current propagated by Edison, but also deals other  facet of the word TESLA, the car and its creator Musk. The brochure is similar to the brochure https://nid.iicm.tugraz.at/Home/BookDetail/187 from which it was derived: the latter one shows that depending on whether one does not log in (remains anonymous) or logs in as "green" or "red"  certain things are not visible.